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The heroes of this story are not an ordinary family.

Since 2013 so far they have cared for and taken into their home a total of 10 newborn babies abandoned by their parents at birth.

Taken directly from the maternity home, most of the newborn orphans are weak and full of health problems.

After a short conversation with the wife, she told us about their experience:

“All these years, people have asked us how we cope with all this stress and strain, because for every sick child there are heaps of care and expenses. The truth is that we never thought about stress and money. We didn’t even take them into consideration.

Many of these children are now grown up and have happy lives. We have focused on children’s lives being changed.

One of the sick babies is already in second grade and even participates in exhibitions. I will never forget the moment I saw how much she had grown. Her foster father thanked me that she was now alive, healthy and happy. The feeling is truly indescribable.”

The last baby the family took home a few months ago was Lucy, whose mother is a drug addict.

The drug craving was passed on to the baby, and within a month and a half of being taken home, she wouldn’t eat, was crying incessantly, and her body was vibrating in convulsions.

1250€ is needed for medication – an amount that the state does not provide. The only money given to the foster parents is 150€, but it is not enough to cover the needs even of a healthy baby.

The family cannot imagine letting Lucy suffer, so the wife donates her entire salary and together they manage to raise the amount and buy the medicine for the child.

The family’s desire is to continue accepting abandoned babies in their home and to expand their care, and our desire is to support them in this by collecting the sum of 2000€, with which to cover the fees for medicines and medical expenses and consumables for the adopted child.

If you want to support our heroes in their foster care every month, you can partner with the amount of 350€ per month, which covers the basic needs of a foster baby.

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